Your first appointment will include a consultation and I will treat you with a variety of techniques which will be specific to you and your needs:

Remedial massage techniques for all skeletal muscles

Sports massage

Injury treatment

Neuromuscular techniques

Soft Tissue Release technique

Muscle Energy Techniques (integrating Post Isometric Relaxation and Reciprocal Inhibition methods)

Myofascial techniques

Positional Release technique

Treating medical conditions


Initial Consultation (1 hour)

The initial consultation will involve a case history, physical examination and treatment

Subsequent Treatments (1 hour)

Subsequent sessions involve discussing progress, examinations, and treatment. Advice on moving forward and follow up exercises and stretches

Subsequent Treatments (30 minutes)

This 30 minute treatment is ideal for pre and post sporting events more information on this treatment can be found here


1 hour treatment: £45

30 minute treatment: £30